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Some Necessary Steps to Take at the Time of Active Shooter Response

Encountering an active shooter in your workplace or study place is impossible. However, it will not hurt you to be prepared for the implausible. An active shooter is a single or multiple body, actively dissipated to assassinate people in a limited or highly populated area. In most cases, active shooters use weapons and randomly choose their victims to fulfil their motive of killing as many people as possible. An active shooter situation can change rapidly and unfold quickly. Therefore, it is critical to respond immediately by community members and deploy law enforcement resources to stop active shooters and assuage harm if you are trained in active shooter training.

Three steps of Active Shooter Response Training are given below:

  1. Run
  2. Hide
  3. Fight

1) Run

In such a situation, if you determine that you can get to a safer place, then go. At that time, you can:

  • Be conscious of your surroundings.
  • Make an exit plan.
  • Go away from the danger as soon as possible.
  • Keep as much distance between you and the danger as possible.

2) Hide

If you are not able to run, find a place to hide that is secured, and keep in mind the following points:

  • Make a more distance between the threat and your.
  • Find any fence or barrier to slow down the shooter from reaching you.
  • Set your phones on silent and shut off the lights.
  • Stay out the sight of the shooters by hiding behind huge objects
  • Keep silent.

3) Fight

If you cannot run or hide, and no other option is left to you, and you don’t have to do anything to escape yourself and others, attack the active shooter. But you need to keep a few advice in your mind:

  • Be aggressive, start yelling and screaming, and commit to your actions.
  • Do not try to fight fairly - throw heavy that can hurt the shooter and use improvised weapons.
  • It is necessary to survive by any sources and means.

What You Can Expect from Responding Police Officers

When the police arrive, be prepared to inform them calmly, quickly, and accurately about whatever they need to know. That could be:

  • Location of the shooters.
  • A number of the shooters if there are multiple shooters.
  • Details of the shooters, such as how they look, what they have worn, what weapon they have, etc.
  • Description of weapons they have, like - number and type of the weapon.

Follow carefully whatever police officers instruct. Officers would take the situation command by yelling orders and physically taking individuals to a safe place. The main objective of the officers is to stop active shooters and create a safe environment for medical assistance for injured individuals.

Hence, these are the steps you will learn during Active Shooter Response Training in organizations in Orlando or elsewhere.

Final Thought

During such a critical situation, one should take the above-mentioned steps to tackle the problem. Though it is more challenging than it seems, for your life safety purpose, you can take training as anything can happen in the future. If you are looking forward to being trained for such a situation, contactDefender School LLC.” We offer distance education and in-person skill development seminars. Also, we provide active shooter response training in our center.