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Sex doll brothel: A new option for covid-19

Submitted by aldollsale on Mon, 12/19/2022 - 22:38

Since covid-19's first detection in Wuhan, it has been over 15 months. The global virus crisis infected 120 million people and caused 27.79 million deaths. These numbers are not over and the number of people infected is increasing in every country. The virus wave is still spreading and is causing more serious epidemics in North America and Europe. The United States is the largest country in the world with the highest number of covid-19 cases. It has more cases than Russia and Spain. It is evident that this virus has infected all countries in the world. Everyone stays home, all public transport is stopped, and business operations are stopped. The economy is in a bind. We are in a recession or worse, depression.

Many businesspeople found it hard to survive during the epidemic of the virus. To turn their hotels into sex store experiences, they had to change their minds and come up with new ideas. Their business has been a success because of this innovation. What makes tpe sex dolls so popular during the epidemic

1. No face-to-face contact with a real person

People are unable to find partners for their sexual needs during the tight blockade. This makes them very angry and impulsive. People will try many different methods to express their sexual needs under this pressure. Because it allows people to not only communicate with each other face-to-face but also lets them experience real sex, the teen sex doll is the best choice. They will appear more secure and are less likely to contract covid-19 after the hotel has been sterilized. This is also the most dangerous thing during the pandemic. Prostitutes can also be found in the community. They carry viruses and are at risk of infection.

2. Have good privacy

Everyone has their own room in a sex brothel. This room allows you to do whatever you want with sex dolls, without having to worry about someone disturbing you. It is a great alternative for people who don't have enough space at home. Many people desire to own japanese sex doll but don't have the space or sex toys they need to make love. So they choose to live in sex brothels. The sex brothel allows them to realize all their fantasies on the life-size sex toys and allow the doll to fully satisfy their sexual desires.

3. Science and technology offer great convenience

It is now possible to run sex brothels with great ease thanks to science and technology. Managers of sex brothels place the times and dolls on the app. Customers can book time, choose their favorite dolls, and pay the associated expenses. Managers will dress up as sex dolls and arrange the rooms according to customers' needs. The manager will give the password and customers can then go on their own sexy trip using the mini sex doll provided in the room. Customers love the convenience of being able to go to the sex doll brothel and vent their sexual desires.

4. Sex doll brothels offer many benefits

Another reason people choose sex toys is the fact that they are less expensive than real prostitutes who work in sex brothels. A single expenditure in a brothel can be worth four to five sex toys, making sex dolls more appealing for men. Plus, sex Playboy brothels offer more choices for different types of sex toys. The sex doll can be your perfect partner and will happily fulfill all of your fantasies. The real prostitute may not be open to your bizarre requests. This makes it easier for people to choose sex-doll brothels.

Covid-19 was the first popular choice for people moving to a new environment. This is when sex doll brothels emerged. People can't refuse it because of its incomparable benefits. We believe people will choose sex-doll brothels once the virus is over.