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Rsgoldfast - You the high war god has plans to take over Runescape

Submitted by Kingang on Sun, 05/16/2021 - 16:53

Though it's very difficult to get freeplayers (and members for that matter), it can still be performed, and that I beileve some freeplayer who manages to do so ought to be rewarded just like anyyone. A few points of why this may be a good idea: It does not affect members (or anyone not interested in acheiving lvl.99 in anything) in any serious manner.

Its a minor upgrade, making it effortless for Jagex to finish (when that comes into effect, which is,) It offers a benefit for getting lvl99 at a skill to anybody, potentially making that individual motivated to keep moving. It allows most of the skillcapes members only, making skill capes still be semi-member. If anybody has some feedback on what I've mentioned here, please inform me. I'd love to find a way to inquire Jagex about this, however I am not a member. If there aren't any members that agree with me (or see my point on this topic) It would be greatly apreciated if you can tell Jagex relating to this.

You can opt to produce players drop their things when they expire. We should not let players abuse this minigame to get transfering items to each other, so others won't have to collect the loot, but it is going to make the conflicts a fair bit more risky. If you are in a very wealthy clan that doesn't mind risking its great armour, you can use this to give yourselves an advantage over clans that dare not fight in anything pricey.

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