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The right technology stack for Uber like courier delivery app development

In simpler terms, mobile app development is converting an app idea into a reality. For that, the selection of technology stack plays an important role. When you fail to choose the right technology aspect, there is a high chance that your app's performance might not function as you expect it to.

Furthermore, it will indirectly shape the frontend and backend development. Apart from this, the choice of technology stack should be based on the features set you choose. The technology stack selection will vary depending on the platforms you have chosen for development & deployment. This blog lets us briefly know the standard technology stack for developing an on-demand courier delivery app.

Suitable technology for on-demand courier delivery app development

As mentioned above, the technology stack used for developing the courier delivery app will vary according to the platforms. It includes Android apps, iOS apps, native apps, and cross-platform apps. Here we have discussed the common technologies for developing Android and iOS apps on a brief note.

Technology stack for Uber like courier delivery app development - Android & iOS

Programming languages


The most common programming languages used for developing Android apps are Kotlin and Java. Among these two languages, Java is the oldest one with a wide range of source tools and libraries. Contrary, Kotlin is a stable language. In comparison, Kotlin is widely preferred. It is because Java has a few limitations when using Android API design.


The standard programming languages for iOS are Objective-C and Swift. Objective-C has object-oriented capabilities, whereas Swift offers dynamic libraries. The one with dynamic libraries reduces the size of the Uber like courier delivery app and thereby offers better performance.



Android Studio offers code editing, performance tooling, debugging, quick deployment, and a dynamic build environment. With this, app developers are able to provide unique and best-quality apps.


Apple X code is a full-featured toolkit that is integrated with Git repositories support. It is also well known for graphical editing. It includes instrumentation, integrated documentation, developing User Interfaces, and debugging tools.

Software development kit


App developers have to download and install every version of Android SDK. These can be done with the help of third-party add-ons.


iOS SDK interlinks the application and the platform it will run. With this, app developers are able to create APIs. Furthermore, the iOS SDK offers particularized tools for proprietary OS and Apple’s screen interface.

Others include the following:

Push notifications - Twilio and
Cloud environment - MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, and Postgre
Payments - Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal
Real-time analytics - Spark, IBM, Cisco, and Apache Flink

Wrap up

Some of the standard technology stack for developing the on-demand courier delivery app is mentioned in this blog. Hopefully, you will choose the right set of technologies for delivering the best quality app.