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Primary Features To Consider While Developing An OnlyFans Clone

There is a high rise in the demand for developing an OnlyFans Clone as the popularity of subscription-based social platforms is increasing day by day. The features & functionality are the predominant cause for a reach among wider users. Here are the following basic features that you should consider for your app when you plan to jump into the social media industry with an app like OnlyFans.

Features Of OnlyFans Clone app development:

Let's now have a brief outline of the main features of Personalized Interactive Platform.

Profile creation - The foremost step is registering their account using valid email addresses & phone numbers. Alternatively, users can log in via social media accounts. After finishing the initial step, they can modify their profiles.

Video recommendations - With the search history of the users, the app will suggest videos which to be watched next in the feed section.

Payment modes - The users can make use of the available payment modes to subscribe to the creators’ profiles in order to view their content. Digital payment modes consist of credit cards, UPI, and debit cards. Alongside, the app has built-in e-wallets.

Create a post - The content creators will be able to create, edit, and upload photos and videos. They can even apply filters. Upon uploading the post, they can generate revenue from their followers who have subscribed to their profiles.

Notifications - Users & content creators will be able to get notified regarding the updates related to their activity in the Onlyfans clone app. It includes likes, comments, subscribers, etc. "Push notifications" is a vital feature to be incorporated in mobile apps irrespective of the functionality. This is because user engagement can be increased.

To conclude,

We have discussed five major features in subscription-based social media platforms. Nevertheless, there are several other features that make the OnlyFans Clone app functionality. Never miss out on those! Meantime, the choice of adding new & advanced features will make the adult subscription platform distinctive from others.