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For other teams that believed they were contenders

But, you'll end up a high draft selection, but there's not any logic to it. For example, my player was a quarterback who was selected with the best choice by the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the Madden nfl 22 coins present, with Trevor Lawrence already on the roster why should the Jaguars choose a different signal caller? I'd like a bit more logic in the game in terms of the selection process. "Face of the Franchise" is certainly improved, however I'm not convinced that it is more entertaining and enjoyable as other gaming franchises have created.

Sorting the NFL Week 3 Pile - Steelers and Colts look like teams that could be worried early

We're beginning to get some clarity about the various teams now that we're just three weeks into the NFL season. Yes, we don't have a doubt about certain teams like the Saints and Pats are still a complete mystery and some teams -- Jacksonville, both New York teams -- seem to be incredibly bad.

For other teams that believed they were contenders or playoff hopefuls, reality is speeding up. When you're in a state of panic at the thought of losing your job, there's no room to relax and take in the beauty of the landscape. Not to say that anyone who's 1-2 or struggling generally should grab the bag of brown paper and get a sigh of relief.

There are teams that need to be thinking of panicking. Let's take a look at a few examples and then rank these on a scale of 1-10 terror.

Do we need to worry because the Chiefs are last in the AFC West?

It's a good start. Hopefully everything is OK with Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who was admitted to a hospital following the game in an ambulance when the Chiefs coach was not feeling well. Although he's now been released from the hospital following the game, Peter Kings' description of it on NBC Sports suggests it sounds somewhat more complex than we had been told in light of the Chiefs comments afterwards. Reid's health is more important than anything else obviously. It's important to consider whether Reid could miss time because the Chiefs are currently in last place in the AFC West, and given that the Chiefs have dropped below.500 since Week 10 , 2015 So it's worth asking how serious this situation could be.

Defensively, Kansas City just isn't good right cheap Mut 22 coins now. While the Chiefs gave up only 352 yards total to the Chargers on Sunday, L.A. dropped 30 on them. Justin Herbert and Co. failed to stop Justin Herbert on the last drive.