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The other side of sex dolls: the loneliness pandemic belonging to urban single youths

Casey Calvert is an adult female anchor in the United States. Her videos are all shot in her personal studio, and it is said that half of her income now comes from "customization."

What is "customization"? In any situation ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, she will tailor a video according to the client's requirements. These unique, direct-to-consumer production videos are very popular. She believes that because creative content is so easy, and quickly and widely reproduced, unless they pay extra, it is difficult for anchors or movie stars to call them intimately by their names or shoot them according to their requirements.
"You can't think of yourself as a plagiarizer," she said. "You can't force someone to wear the clothes you want to see and do what you want to do. It contains a connection, a kind of interactivity."

It is worth noting that in a world full of desires, even "children" programs and Disney movies are full of allusions and hints-people are eager to "communication" and "interact". Of course, she is a person, an ordinary person, and sadly, everyone is trapped in an inner society of exploitation, danger and inhumanity. However, most of her personality is concealed by the corrosive effects of desire, so that her "fans" are willing to pay a lot of money for establishing an intimate relationship with her, even if it is fleeting, twists and turns and artificial hints.
In the booming Life Size Sex Doll industry, this heartbreaking desire for company may not be more obvious than this. Until a few years ago, the real doll was a prank. Nowadays, love dolls are almost everywhere and become more and more common over time. The industry's craftsmanship still cannot meet market demand, and physical doll experience halls have appeared in countries such as Britain, France and Germany, and even China. Before the World Cup proved so popular, the owner of a physical doll experience hall opened in Russia was considering opening more venues. In Japan, physical dolls are breaking the deadlock between couples living under the same roof. Some Japanese men claim that they really like physical dolls, take it to the park, and introduce it to friends.

Japanese "companion robot"
A search on the Internet will find that Japan is by no means an exception in this boom of companion robot sex dolls. But most psychiatrists still claim that real dolls will do things against humans, and that robots are re-anthropomorphized in some way. For example, it is reported that about 30% of the physical doll experience centers in Spain have mental problems that prevent them from interacting with others normally. Experts assert that physical dolls will eventually help such groups learn to approach others and establish close relationships.
But is enhancing interpersonal interaction really the ultimate goal of this industry?
We are an era of freedom and autonomy. We have rights and obligations; we will ask for, and we will give. We believe in Thomas's "life is cruel", and we also believe in what Paul called "others are hell." We desire intimacy, but we may also hate interpersonal relationships. We prefer an avatar, which can present a magical side of itself, and can turn another self into an image on the screen. Those who buy TPE Sex Doll can't let themselves take on that sad and regrettable form of interpersonal communication. The physical doll has nothing to do with sex (because "sex" etymologically means the pairing of male and female). It is not even the ego, it is the sublimation of the ego onto an object, and the loneliness of the soul is integrated into the rubber material.

The fact is that these foreign objects are based on a basic lie we told ourselves. A person may ask for a "customized" interaction because he thinks he desires unique "intimacy", but is actually afraid of intimacy, love, sharing, and commitment. It is necessary to use foreign objects to cover up the fear of opening up to another person in real time, trying to temporarily relieve the suffocating communication vacuum brought about by his lonely life.
Thus, the real doll represents the perfection of liberalism. With the rise of physical dolls, we may no longer need to know or love anyone-even ourselves.