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Scribcity is a platform for self-published authors to present their content to audiences beyond their immediate reach. This platform connects literary content lovers to books and authors worth discovering. Self-published authors who have a voice and a message they are struggling to get in front of their target audience, Readers who want to discover and consume content that is not in the mainstream domain
About Us:
As a writer, you should use Scribcity because you will be part of a fast-growing community that exists mainly to deal with the challenges you face in trying to make your content commercially available. The Scribity platform efficiently positions itself and its members in a manner that makes them easily discoverable online, and across social media channels, in ways and at a scale that individual authors cannot achieve on their own. As a reader or literary content lover, Scribcity will diligently curate and showcase writing talents and books worth discovering that may never have been heard of. Scribcity will open up a world of information and entertainment in written form in a range that is not currently available to you.
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