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Is A One Bedroom Apartment Right For Me?

If you are moving, you might be wondering what size apartment you need. Whether you are single or moving with a significant other, you might be wondering if a one-bedroom apartment is right for you.
Here are some tips and suggestions to help you decide.
What is a One Bedroom Apartment?
One-bedroom apartments have a bedroom with a separate living space where you can put the couches and TV. The bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are all in separate areas. You might also have a living and dining room combination depending on the size of the space.
Larger apartments might have separate dining rooms and living rooms. One-bedroom apartments are perfect spaces for a couple or someone who is living solo.
They are different than studio apartments though. Studio apartments do not have separate areas for the bedroom and sitting room. Studio apartments are also much smaller in most cases.
While many couples live in studio apartments, most people prefer to live in them when they are single as it gives them enough space for all their belongings without feeling cramped.
Do You Entertain?
If you frequently entertain or have many guests, you need to consider getting a one-bedroom apartment over a studio. Studio apartments usually do not have enough space for people who like to entertain. There will not be enough seating areas and people will feel cramped.
If you entertain in a one-bedroom apartment, you can have people over without them seeing your bedroom and the place you sleep. In studio apartments, everyone will be able to see the bed and the place you store your clothes. This does not give you as much privacy as one-bedroom apartments.
How Much Stuff Do You Have?
If you have large pieces of furniture or tons of belongings, a one-bedroom is better than a studio. You don’t want to overcrowd the space as this can lead to feeling claustrophobic. If the things you have are important to you, you also don’t want to get rid of the things you own, so getting a one-bedroom apartment is better.
Do You Need Privacy?
If you are living with another person, consider if you need the privacy that a one-bedroom offers. Some couples benefit from living in a one-bedroom because it gives a separate sitting space where you can relax without your partner around.
Not all couples need this though. Talk to your partner before moving and see what kind of space will work best for you both.
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