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Offer An Instant Fix For Your Customer's Vehicle Breakdown Problem With An On-demand Mechanic Service App

Submitted by markluber on Mon, 05/10/2021 - 23:00

What is an on-demand mechanic service app?
With advancements in today's world, technologies have been designed to meet our daily needs and get our work done with ease. Just the touch of buttons on the smartphone can fulfill any requirement of the user. Vehicle breakdowns are an unexpected scenario that has troubled communities for decades. With the traditional brick and mortar store not reaching the customer's location, the on-demand mechanic service app is a reliable alternative connecting the users easily with the certified mechanics. The custom app solution offers a quick and pocket-friendly vehicle repair service at the user's doorstep with ease.
On-demand mechanic service app development
The on-demand mechanic service app must have three modules

  • App for customers
  • App for mechanics
  • Admin dashboard

Some of the Core features of the on-demand mechanic service app includes,
Search & Filter: using this feature, customers can search for the service professional and apply filters to enhance their search.
Job History: Mechanics can use this feature to view their previous work details comprising date & time, type of service, cost, etc.
Live-tracking: Live tracking feature enables to track the real-time location of the service provider enabling the customer to guide the service provider to their location if needed.
Multi-language integration: It can cater to service providers and users globally, to swap between languages to their convenience.
Multiple payment methods: Multiple payment methods enables secure and convenient transactions for the users. The app may contain this feature as per business requirements.
A wrap-up note,
Use the opportunity and launch the best on-demand mechanic service app, generate more revenue with extended service support and useful features to give ultimate customer satisfaction. Building your app from scratch requires a lot of effort and fortune. That's why we're here to help you out. TurnkeyTown offers you a completely customizable, white-label mechanic service app solution to take your business to heights.