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New interface with similar menus was revealed

Visually visually, the Runescape journey is visually represented by the RS gold sweet notes, different songs, and parts of MIDI music by Ian Taylor. It takes 3 minutes and 43 seconds. It's as if you're transported to the beginning of 2000 where life was more simple. It will make you cry once you listen to it but don't be embarrassed it's normal to let out emotions. Do you remember Tutorial Island? You were a "noob" with no influence over the circumstances.

The foundations of what would be a major aspect of your existence for a long time were laid with those initial steps. It took a half-hour to learn how the bronze bars are smelt and baking bread wasn't simple.

Burning your first Runescape food on a campfire you made yourself wasn't such an issue once you found out everyone did the exact identical similar thing. You never knew that you could take down the giant rat created by polygons using a bow and arrow in 5 seconds. The beginning of a long journey lasting decades all started with the simple and beautiful Tutorial Island. No matter how old or how far back the island will remain in our hearts.

Lumbridge followed. There is nothing more to say. It was the beginning of a memorable experience. Lumbridge was a town that every single player knew and could come to should they become lost. Lumbridge was quite difficult for players who were new.

New interface with similar menus was revealed in the tutorial. But chat rooms with hundreds of people was now accessible. It was difficult to comprehend what they were saying in the midst of all the Runescape terminology that you'd sit for a half-hour reading what players tended to say. Lumbridge was your first stop. But no one would hear you since so many others would be engaging in their own private conversations. After some time, someone would reply "This is Lumbridge in Swans Sydney". You'd immediately ask what Lumbridge is and be taken around.

Do you remember the first steps that led you to the chicken farm, the cow farm and Varrock? Yep, you sure do. You always had someone to guide you and guide you through the nuances of the Runescape Free To Play area. Then, you'll be able to make them your first online friend and they would stay with you throughout your Runescape adventure.

To fight the goblins crossing the bridge you took the bronze sword that you received and the shield you got. After you killed your first goblin, you realized that you were $3 more OSRS buy gold richer than ever before. The landscape looked amazing for an old-fashioned game and all you wanted to do was explore everything.