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Must-Know safety tips for the best classified sites in Australia.

Buying or Selling from the best classified sites in Australia is simple. Make sure you remember these essential tips before making business from classified sites in Australia.

Always go on a trusted site as search results can rip off if you scroll across some links pages. But in case you know the website, these kinds of chances will decrease. Websites like ADSCT, which lets you post free ads, has everything under the sun. Similarly, look for similar sites to ensure maximum safety. Take care of misspellings or sites that use a tampered top-level domain like .net in place of .com. These are some of the oldest gimmicks of the market. Their sales may be enticing, but they are just there to hack your details.

Do not put in your credit card details to purchase from sites with an SSL-secure sockets layer. This is a kind of installed encryption installed. You will know whether the sites have SSL if the URL starts with HTTPS in place of HTTP. A mini-icon similar to a locked padlock will present at the left of the URL below the status bar down or the address bar, depending upon your web browser.

None of the online shopping e-tailers should have your Social Security number or your birthdate to run the business. But, if hackers find their credit card number, much damage will come to you. The more the scammers know about you, the easier it gets. Just don't provide unnecessary information as these sites are very prone to breach.

A general study was conducted asking people the frequency by which they change their passwords. The significant percentage were those who changed their password once a year or a more likely scenario, Never! If you fall under this category, make sure you work your way out with some uncrackable passwords when using a website to post Free ads Melbourne.