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Dr Sharon Martin, (M.D., Ph.D. )
Dr. Sharon Martin, MD. PhD.
I have had numerous developmental encounters to move from scholarly "conventional" medication to shamanic recuperating through mindfulness past the essential detects. I had numerous natural minutes in youth as well as prescient dreams and information on previous existences. What's more, I have exceptionally close associations with creatures and Nature.
I accept that each individual has the limit with respect to more prominent instinct, to get messages from the concealed world, and to enhance his/her insight. I likewise trust that the blend of science and the enchanted carries an uplifted capacity to the recuperating and development of the client.
The Learning Journey
Meet Doc Martin
I'm a Doctor of Internal Medicine and hold a PhD in Physiology, having prepared at Johns Hopkins University and other world class clinical foundations. I extended my ability as a healer via preparing in the shamanic, secret practices with Alberto Villoldo, Jean Houston, Carl Greer, Lilydale Assembly, The Cayce Foundation (A.R.E.), Patrice Fields, CC Treadway and others. Along these lines, I assist you with venturing into your maximum capacity, in physical, profound and otherworldly domains, by calling into play rehearses that are both reliable and expansive in their temperament.
Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine
PhD Physiology, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda Maryland
Right hand Professor of Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia
Boss Resident, Internal Medicine, York Hospital, York Pennsylvania
Over a wide span of time affiliations with numerous clinics in South Central Pennsylvania
Clinical Director, Hospitalist Program, JC Blair Memorial Hospital, Huntingdon Pennsylvania
Clinical Director, Rural Clinic, Southern Huntingdon County, Orbisonia Pennsylvania
Confirmed by International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) in fundamental hypnotherapy and previous existence relapse
The Healing Journey
Collaborating for Well-Being
Preparing in the secret practices has opened my attention to the sweeping idea of recuperating. The eventual fate of genuine medication is the comprehension and utilization of vibrational and energy procedures - that call forward the intrinsic capacity of the human body to mend and reestablish. I have prepared with many bosses and pull forward a blend of approaches from the old approaches to the cutting edge logical to direct the client to all out living.
Graduate of Healing Light Body Course, The Four Winds, Dr Alberto Villoldo
High level expert courses, The Four Winds Society
Progressing shamanic energy preparing, Carl Greer
Accreditation Past Life Hypnosis Regression, ARE Cayce Foundation
Progressed Channeling and Divination, CC Treadway
The Scientist
Meet Doc Martin
My tutoring started in conventional ways - advanced education in Physiology, physician certification in Internal Medicine.
Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of California, San Diego California
Collaborator Professor of Medicine and Physiology, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia
Beneficiary of award grants from American Heart Association, National Institute of Health
Clinical Director, Rural Clinic, Southern Huntingdon County, Orbisonia Pennsylvania
The Mentoring Journey
Information Sharing and Transfer
My process has gifted me with many tutors, educators, and soul guides. This has empowered me to offer back what I've realized, now and again rapidly and in some cases gradually however all times in profound appreciation. My instructing and coaching gifts to you are only for you.

Educated shamanic studio at Lily Dale Spiritualist Society

Preparing in Tarot Card Reading, Lily dale Spiritualist Society, Sharon Klingler

Natural preparation and energy mending, CC Treadway

Recognized showing grant, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia
Lead educator in Physiology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta Georgia
Preceptor for clinical, pre-drug, nurture specialist and doctor aide understudies
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