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Mahindra JIVO 245 DI Tractor - Economical Package of Mileage

Mahindra Jivo 245 is an excellent mini tractor in the 24 hp category. The tractor has advanced and innovative quality features as big tractors have. The tractor model comes with a 2-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1366 CC that generates 2300 RPM. This mini tractor has a perfect blend of innovative features that provide sustainable crop solutions in the working field. The Mahindra 24 hp tractor is an ideal tractor that performs all the paddy and small farm tasks.

Mahindra 245 Jivo mini tractor has a compact size, comfortable driving seats, best internal structure, high working capability, and efficient braking system. It accomplishes all the paddy and small farms tasks efficiently, resulting in increased production.

Quality Features of Mahindra Jivo 245

. Mahindra Jivo tractor is loaded with many quality features, enhancing production and yield. These good quality features are shown below. Have a look.

. Mahindra Jivo is loaded with a dry cleaner facility that keeps the internal system of the tractor clean.
. It comes with 22 PTO hp, which deliver optimum power to the linked implement.
. The fabulous design and style attract all the new age Mahindra tractor lovers.
. It has efficient oil-immersed brakes which protect the tractor operator from major accidents.
. Besides, it comes with various useful accessories such as Tools and Top Link.
. The 4wd tractor provides economic mileage, high fuel-efficiency and heavy load lifting capacity.

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