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Love doll plays the role of this spiritual companion

Compared with the uncertainty of human beings, the doll can stay by his side. Sex is one aspect that everyone sees. For people who spend a lot of money to buy a doll, the most urgent need is actually companionship.

Many times, people will think that the buyers of physical love dolls are generally men. In fact, more and more women are beginning to be interested in male sex dolls. The editor mentioned before that there is a female seiyuu lady named "Taobao" in Beijing who bought a female sex doll. The two of them have the same hair style, eat and sleep together every day, and are commensurate with their mother and daughter.

This is actually very similar to the mentality of playing with dolls when we were young, like Ultraman for boys and Barbie for girls. For some social fear patients, it may be difficult to speak to outsiders. In fact, they just want a real doll who can stay with them all the time.

Tencent and the Oscar team Grain Media produced a documentary called "Before Tomorrow". The first episode of the film visited RealDoll, a large foreign entity doll manufacturer, which is also a large robot manufacturer, and gave us a question about "Robot Companion". "topic of. Compared with a physical doll that cannot speak or move, the robot companion has added artificial intelligence technology and can respond accordingly according to the setting, which looks more like a human being.

Of course, the content in the film is more of an idea. It is slowly being realized, but there is still a long way to go on the road to popularization and mass production. For some people who are afraid of socializing, tiny sex doll are the partners who can accompany themselves.

From a psychological point of view, BBW sex doll can not only bring a sense of security, fill emotional emptiness and emotional repair, but also have a sense of conquest. These meanings are far greater than physical needs. Of course, many owners still carry a meaning related to sex. In fact, this is not to give the love doll a sacred meaning. I just want to tell everyone that there are actually many different possibilities in the world. But at the same time, sex is not a dirty thing, it is actually a normal demand.

In fact, there is a general stereotype of cheap realistic sex dolls in the society. Everyone always feels that they like really cheap sex dolls, and even the people with whom they start a family are a little abnormal, or even perverted. But since it exists, it is reasonable, and it is not harmful to society and the people around it, and it is just a way of life chosen by others.

No one of us has the right to interfere with the privacy of others. If possible, more respect and tolerance will be better.