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Learn The Right Way To Wash Sex Dolls

When buying a Bezlya sex doll, there are usually instructions for maintenance methods. In addition, on the homepage, etc., the maintenance methods suitable for love dolls are also described. However, not everyone will do diligent maintenance while it's clean, and most will rush to clean it after it gets dirty. There's nothing you can do about "cracks", "tears", "chips", but if it's just superficial dullness or blackening, it's not too late even if you notice it. Thick sex dolls are almost the same as humans, after all, daily care is the most important. Not only those who want to pick up real dolls, but also those who feel dirty and neglected, please take a look at the information below!

Remember To Wash Sex Doll Immediately After Sex
Sex with a love doll usually ends with "creampie" and "bukkake". The Chinese sex doll smiles and accepts facial expressions that real girls hate. I would like to be extra careful, especially after vaginal ejaculation, but the cleaning of the hall is very important maintenance. Since there is no air passage, it is difficult to dry, and various bacteria multiply from the semen and moisture, which can also be a source of mold. The next important thing is the body. It's a sex doll because it looks sexy, and it's no different from a masturbator if you take it as a simple hole. The timing of washing is the "after use" option. It does not need to be washed before use, washing too much can damage it, so wash it after use when it gets dirty.
Washing Love Doll Once A Month Even If You Don't Have Sex
Even if you become a Xycolo Doll owner, your daily sex therapy doesn't have to be playing with the love doll. Some have other masturbators or real dolls, some have lovers or friends. At that time, abandoned sex dolls would gradually become dirty. The silicone body is flexible enough to stick to surfaces, where dust sticks easily and is difficult to remove once it gets dirty. Therefore, as a guideline, monthly cleaning is recommended, even if not in use. It is also a countermeasure against the odor peculiar to silicone and oil oozing (oil escaping from the body), so you can hold it comfortably next time you want to use it again. Also, the month 1 span is the same for clothing etc. I don't think many YL sex doll owners leave their clothes naked, but clothes get dirty naturally, so wash them every once in a while.