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Know everything about senolytic activator

All human beings have senescent cells (in the process of ageing) in their bodies. With age, the number of these types of cells increases, which can gradually affect the function of surrounding healthy young cells.
Senolytic Activator's exclusive formula contains a unique combination of theaflavins from black tea and quercetin that helps your body to easily eliminate these cells, as well as contributing to cell rejuvenation and enhancing longevity.
Keys to senolytic activator operation
Cellular senescence is part of the natural ageing process that leads cells to lose their optimal functioning. Senescent cells can accumulate over time, affecting the daily functioning of the healthy cells around them.
Senolytic Activator compounds act selectively on senescent cells. The most recent research indicates that theaflavins from black tea and quercetin act on specific biological pathways, making it easier for our bodies to manage cellular senescence.
Furthermore, studies with senolytics show that intermittent dosing in clinical trials is effectively enhancing the healthy life cycle of cells. That's why the senolytic activator package insert states that taking three vegetarian capsules a week is enough to notice its effectiveness.

The scientific basis of the senolytic activator:
Senolytic Activator contains an exclusive combination of two ingredients that offer a double strategy to combat cellular senescence.
Quercetin: supports cellular health
Quercetin supports endothelial and cardiovascular health and strengthens the immune system, among other benefits. The properties of quercetin have been known for a long time, but its potential to promote the rejuvenation of our body through its senolytic activity has only just begun to be discovered.
The recent discovery that quercetin is a senolytic compound has brought significant attention to this innovative anti-ageing approach.
Theaflavin: helps reduce the burden of senescent cells
Theaflavin is a compound derived from Camellia Sinensis (tea plant). Theaflavins have multiple health benefits, including the promotion of normal cell division and the inflammatory response.
Recent research indicates that theaflavin may be particularly helpful in reducing the burden of senescent cells in our bodies. In preclinical models, theaflavins have significantly facilitated the accumulation of biomarkers of cellular senescence.
Easily absorbed fisetin: to increase longevity at the cellular level
Fisetin is excellent for whole-body health. It is a powerful senolytic compound, which means that it actively targets senescent cells, which are no longer functioning optimally. Fisetin helps stimulate the body's natural pathways to eliminate senescent cells, allowing healthy cells to flourish.
Another important aspect of cell longevity is the function of sirtuin. Sirtuin proteins keep cells functioning at their peak, but sirtuin activity declines with age. Fisetin has been shown in preclinical studies to stimulate young and healthy sirtuin function.
But during digestion, much of the fisetin is quickly converted to other compounds through a process called conjugation. That's why it is important to protect fisetin by combining it with galactomannans, a type of fibre derived from fenugreek seed. Doing so makes it up to 25 times more available than standard fisetin. That means it circulates in your system longer, and your body has more time to access the many health benefits of fisetin.
How to use a senolytic activator
Always remember to take Senolytics Supplement according to the dosage and usage guidelines listed in the supplement information or as recommended by a physician.