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Jupiter transit 2021 effects on Virgo Moon Sign

Submitted by astroved on Mon, 10/04/2021 - 23:21

Planets have an important place in astrology, and according to Vedic astrology, these planets influence a person’s life. Many transits happen, and every transit impacts the zodiac sign differently. This transit is about Jupiter and its effects on all 12 zodiac signs.
Jupiter is known as the most auspicious planet, which is significantly more prominent in size and benevolent. It guides an individual and infuses them with knowledge, good fortune, prosperity, and guidance.
Here we bring you the results of Jupiter Transit 2021 in Virgo. Remember that your birth chart always determines the specific results. So for an exact prediction of this transit, make sure you consult a professional astrologer.
About the Transition
Jupiter will reside in Capricorn, which means it will transit into Aquarius. This transition will happen on Sunday, 21st November 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST). This transit is going to be a positive one for innovation, technology, and research. It will make people expand their circle and bring them gains.
Let’s see what will be the effects of this transit on Virgo in general.

Jupiter in 6th House or Udhyoga Sthana

For Virgo natives, Aquarius makes the 6th house which is the house of career or Udhyoga. This means that the transit will affect career, finances, and promotion. Since the transit will be a positive one, this will have a positive influence on these aspects of the native. Jupiter will bring its 5th aspect on Virgo natives who would grow their employment, the 7th aspect, which is about expenses and losses, and the 9th aspect, which is the house of wealth.

Family Life

Relationships will improve; if you have children, you will have their support. Your rapport with your children will increase too. You will develop a good relationship with your relatives as well. The Jupiter transit 2021 would keep the whole environment peaceful; however, you might feel the burden of family responsibilities. Your elders might be in a problematic situation. It is advised that you do not use harsh words; be a diplomat with others.

Love Life

Those who are in love might feel rejection and disappointment as their love proposal might get rejected. Married couples might also stumble upon some difficulties, and there would be misunderstandings with your partner. The solution is to practice decency in your speech and be calm while tackling issues. This approach would diminish half of your relationship problems like a charm. Try to listen to your partner and understand things from their perception as well.


Work overload might make your health suffer. Long hours in front of a computer might make your neck and back strain. It is advised to limit screen hours and try to find a balance between your personal and professional life. To improve your health, add yoga and meditation to your regime. Some physical exercises will be beneficial too.


The positivity of the transit would improve the financial segment. Your economic status would enhance as you might find new sources of income. Those who are related to foreign investments are likely to cultivate profits. However, as expenses are also seen on house maintenance, repairs, and travel, it is advised to save enough that you won’t have to suffer on a rainy day.


As you would have to work close to your superiors, this might create some tension at the workplace. However, your confident nature would let you sail across the ocean of difficulties. The confidence will boost your work efficiency, and you will progress at your job. Some might also launch a new venture as Jupiter makes this a favorable time for that. You might also travel to some new places which would bring you new business opportunities.


The Jupiter transit 2021 will have a positive impact on the students. They would score well in their exams and fulfill their academic goals. Students pursuing higher education would have to work hard and have the determination to succeed. Students will also get their professor’s advice which they should follow accordingly. Those who are in the research field will achieve some significant milestones, which would multiply their confidence ten times.

Transit Remedies

Donate clothes to elderly people as it can enable you to excel in life
Feed cows on Thursdays
Donate clothes to poor and needy children