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Indian wedding: A special kind of reunion

Introduction: Indians are fun-loving people. They are always thirsty for entertainment, fun etc. They love to enjoy their heart’s content. On the day of the wedding ceremony, they relish entertainment to rehydrate their thirstiness. An Indian wedding invitations is a pre-wedding ceremony in which the parents of the couple invite their relatives, friends with wedding cards. This ceremony has a unique significance. For this ceremony, people can come on the day of the wedding.


Importance of Indian wedding in reunion
Nowadays, people don’t have much time to spend with their close people because they have busy with their careers. They have got hinged with the tedious daily routine in the way of career development. For this reason, the familiar bonds, bond of friendships are getting weaker and weaker. People have almost forgotten to ask about one another’s health and conditions. People have become cynical. Indian wedding is also a kind of reunion because on this day people gather and they get to see their relatives, friends etc. When a person sees his old friend or relative, a special kind of feeling is generated in his heart. 
Virtual invitation vs Physical invitation:  
In this age of technology, people often forget to invite their relatives, friends by going to their house for the purpose of a wedding. Instead of that, they invite them to use several kinds of social mediums. These social mediums are good as well as bad because the virtual invitation can cause several problems; like reduction in intimacy between relatives, friends etc., and close people can go away from you in the sense of contacting each other. There is a solution to this serious problem. That solution is a physical invitation. It can strengthen the bond between you and your relatives, friends, and it can also revive broken bonds etc.
For this reason, the Indian wedding invitation is organized in order to gather people and make sure that their familiar bonds become stronger than ever. People who are extremely busy all over the whole year trying to get involved in this ceremony by requesting holidays to their respective offices. Here, we can see that Indians have not forgotten the intimacy and the love for entertainment. We have to maintain this feeling for each other because it brings people close and makes a beautiful society.
The Indian wedding invitation ceremony has shown us the path to bring people close and turn their pale, unhappy face into smiling face. In this ceremony, people give wedding cards to their relatives, friends not only for the invitation but also to strengthen the familial bonds, friendship bonds etc. On the day of the wedding, people get to see and chat with their old relatives, friends. These conversations can also bring several nostalgic moments in a person’s life. That’s why these conversations are invaluable because they can not be bought with money. If you seek it, then you have to reminisce with your old friends, relatives etc. 

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