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Important Features To Include During Tiktok Clone App Development

TikTok, with its global market presence, has caught the attention of millions of people and generates billions annually. Its popularity gave rise to the emergence of new kinds of apps as entrepreneurs started to show interest in launching an app like TikTok.

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to leap into the social media industry? Then, the choice of TikTok Clone Script will be a top-notch idea as it benefits you in various ways. If you are sure of a short-video sharing app, you should have sound knowledge about the development. As a first step, you must know a TikTok Clone app will function.

Do you know how the functionality of the app will be determined? It is mainly based on the set of features included. So, let’s see the basic features which should not be omitted in this blog.

Must-Have Features Of TikTok Clone app development

Like, Comment, & Share

The app users will be able to view short videos in the feed section. Then, they have the option to put thumbs up for the video they like. Also, they can share their opinions in the comment section of the video. Alongside, they can share those videos with their friends.

Re-watch liked videos

The liked videos will be saved in a separate space. So, the users can re-watch those liked videos as they can access those at any time.

Discover option

The TikTok Clone app users have the option to discover videos related to certain topics by searching for a certain hashtag. This way, they can view relevant videos without hassles.


This feature will be useful for the one who wants to create and upload a short video. While creating videos, they can add filters of their choice.

Video editor

This feature gives the capability to edit the created short video as to how the users want it to. Before uploading the video, they can make any changes, even by adding filters or other edits.

In a nutshell,

Prior to proceeding with TikTok Clone app development, ensuring the app’s functionality is a much requisite one. Rather than preferring to craft the app from scratch, choose the TikTok Clone Script, crafted with the basic features. With customizations, make the app best with a new set of features.