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I'm trying to push my wizard today DaD

Submitted by Devon456 on Mon, 03/20/2023 - 18:08

In the most recent hotfix they kind of gave Wizard a kick in the shins, huh?

I understand the reasons however, after playing one last night Dark And Darker Gold, I am 100 percent certain that this class (and the casters generally) do not suit me.

The majority of my time was on Ranger the other night, and thoroughly enjoyed the game for the most part , but will probably keep playing Fighter and especially after the Weapon Master changes are now only a 10% decrease in power, instead of 20%.

However, overall, my complaints are pretty limited...aside from my speculation that there were a handful of hackers or even people wearing purple or higher weapons who shot me at a point of near-max health, with just an attack of one knife on the of which was someone who was a Wizard who was somehow.

I'm trying to push my wizard today. To see how bad these changes really are. I'm thinking that the splash damage might be over tuned. However, the wizard does not feel too bad. I believe the changes are fair. Not breaking the rules of class. You just need to make use of your abilities slightly more effectively. Light nerfs are big time LuL tho. 8>6 yaokdude.

I am grateful to your commitment to keeping up with both this as well as the previous thread and posting regularly in response to other posts. however there are valid criticisms that need to be heard and addressed, which you are ignoring attention away from.

Like, for example how basic the fighting is. Combat consists of two skills including moving (usually slowly) and shooting at targets that move slowly. In the case of NPC combat, we also add the added element of deflecting slow targeted attacks via telegraph. None of these are difficult to master, and the fourth is just boring. The game could make use of various things Dark And Darker Gold for sale.