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How to instantly develop an on-demand beauty service provider app?

Submitted by Angeline on Sun, 10/17/2021 - 23:41

Hey! Here is a small question for you before we get started. Will you prefer getting your beauty services at a convenient location or visiting the parlor? You might be in a dilemma right now. People generally visit parlors because of the sophisticated atmosphere over there. But what if the same level of sophistication can be brought to your house? This is the concept of on-demand beauty app development.

Defining the on-demand beauty services

Professional beauty service providers will accept online booking through dedicated on-demand apps. Users are free to pick a beauty service they wish to avail themselves of and make the payment—the professional whom the user books will arrive at the mentioned location.

The availability of various kinds of beauty services at a convenient time and location has allured people who opt for beauty services.

On-demand beauty services app development

These days, any business that is labeled as “on-demand” has been gaining traction. Indeed, people are using on-demand services for the level of benefits they provide. For example, users can select a professional beauty service provider from a pool of options. Also, they can see through the different pricing packages available with each service provider and go with the package that is affordable for them.

To develop an on-demand beauty service provider app, you no need to undergo the process of developing from scratch. The white-label app development is a replacement for the traditional app development, where you can buy a previously built app and start the deployment process.

Also, you have to know the definition of a white-label application. Here you go! An application that is built by an app developer is sold to businesses after rebranding the app according to the buyer or business person.

Core features of the white-label on-demand app

Location tracker

Knowing where the beauty service provider is currently located is possible through the app’s live location tracker. Customers can follow up with the location of the service provider easily.


On-demand beauty service provider apps have an in-app scheduler. This feature gives your customers a higher level of convenience as they can choose a date on which they are interested in availing themselves of the service.

Cancel appointment

Another beneficial feature is the appointment cancellation. If customers don’t want to avail themselves of the service after booking, they can cancel it.

Built-in payment options

The number of payment options available in an app also matters. The white-label on-demand beauty app comes with the provision for adding many payment options.

Toggle button

Beauty service providers can let customers know whether they are available or not by using the toggle button in the app.

Earnings tab

After completing the appointment, the service providers can go to the earnings tab and check out their earnings.


Create an on-demand beauty service app with the ready-made white-label script. Add stunning real-time and essential features like the ones mentioned above and start off your business promptly. Go ahead!