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How to find a good specialist for a company

Finding a qualified employee is the most important moment in the work of the HR department of any company. An experienced specialist who knows his business is able to effectively organize his activities, increasing the productivity and profitability of the business. The most correct work on personnel selection is carried out in recruiting agencies of the plan, where everything is done at a professional level.  You can  also find a suitable candidate on

Advantages of cooperation with recruiting agencies
Cooperation with a recruiting agency  has a number of advantages:

The recruiting agency is highly professional in selecting specialists and has professional recruiters. Every day, agency specialists search and select personnel on behalf of customers, which is the source of their income. A recruiter can receive money for an order only if he successfully fills a vacancy with the customer. This moment is an incentive for the efficiency of the search and its qualitative side. The recruiting agency  has on its staff professional recruiters interested in high-quality and prompt selection of a specialist for a vacant position for the company that placed the order.
A recruiting agency has extensive information accumulated over several years, or even decades. The search for the necessary candidate for a vacant position is carried out both among those who are interested in finding a job in the specified specialty, and among those specialists who are not interested in finding a job by viewing advertisements through Internet portals, as well as the media. That is, the breadth of coverage during the search is the maximum.
A professional agency has  a very high order execution speed. Often, the customer is given the resumes of the first applicants for a vacant position right on the day when the cooperation agreement is signed. When selecting a candidate for a more complex vacancy, the resumes of the selected candidates who have passed all testing and interviews at the agency will be sent to the customer’s desk within a week from the date of conclusion of the contract.
Why is this also beneficial?
By collaborating with a recruiting agency, you can significantly minimize your own recruitment service. Currently, the transition to outsourcing of personnel selection can provide significant savings in the work of any company. Often, the candidate presented to fill a vacant position is the most optimal, and the search costs are more profitable for the best way to select the required specialist. At first glance, searching for specialists on your own seems faster and cheaper. However, a factor-by-factor calculation of recruitment costs may indicate the opposite. Significant costs for self-selection include:

monthly wages paid to employees who select applicants;
tax deductions from employee salaries;
costs of organizing workplaces for personnel officers;
payment of bills for telephone calls and Internet access;
paying for advertisements in the media about recruitment;
purchase of consumables;
other costs included in the cost of personnel selection.
Please remember that all of these costs are fixed. The difference between working with an agency is that you pay for the result of order execution, regardless of the recruiter’s time spent on the search.

Functions of a recruiting agency
The most important component of the work of a recruiting agency is the relationship with the employer (customer) and the applicant. Often, a professional recruiter can help in overcoming unforeseen incidents that arise at the initial stage of employment and getting to know the workplace. The agency acts as an interested party and is able to prevent conflict situations and moments of misunderstanding in communication between the two parties. For example, it is inconvenient for an applicant to discuss his concerns and doubts about a vacancy with an employer, but with a recruiter he can calmly discuss every detail that may arise during employment.

The highest professionalism of the recruiting agency’s employees, as well as their personal interest in the prompt and high-quality execution of orders, the relatively low amount of customer costs, and the recruiter’s assistance in agreeing on the employer’s conditions for the applicant, contribute to the fact that the process of selecting specialists from the company is transferred to the recruiting agency.