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How expensive is a permanent teeth implant in India?

Permanent teeth implant is medically termed as dental implants is the teeth replacement procedure. In this process, you need to visit the Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata and implant a new tooth or teeth depending on your loss. The dentist will initially install a screw into your jaw bone that will act as a support to crown your teeth. 
Though it is a bit costlier method, you will get a new set of permanent teeth, but it is totally worth it. You can have permanent artificial teeth even after losing those natural ones. There are basically two types of dental implants depending on the tooth replacement:

  • Single Tooth Dental Implant: Here, the dentist will implant a single tooth that you might have lost. At our clinic, our charges initiate from INR 25,000 per tooth.
  • Full Mouth Dental Implant: In this procedure, the dental implant is carried on to implant all your teeth. For this implant, you need to pay around INR 3,85,000.

Depending on the duration as well, the types of a dental implant varies. It can be of two types:

  • Immediate Dental Implants: In this process, the time taken is only 4-7 days depending on the severity of the case. The cost of it begins from INR 40,000.
  • Traditional Dental Implants: During this procedure, the patients need around 5-6 months to complete the implant process. The cost of it begins from INR 25,000.

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