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How do you optimize content for Google discover feed?

Google Discover is a content suggestion engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can be accessed directly below the Google Search bar in the Chrome app. The best SEO Company in Kolkata has already recognized that Discover delivers a large amount of organic traffic. Keywords alone are not going to get your content to the top of Discover. The good news is that many of the same SEO rules still apply. The rules are-

  • Improve your website for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs): Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (GAMP) is a significant SEO factor. Because it was designed for speed, and speed is a major aspect of Google's ranking system. If your web pages take a long time to load, Google will give you a lower ranking. AMPs load instantly, providing a smooth and enjoyable website user experience on all devices. 
  • Utilize eye-catching visuals: Google Discover has been redesigned to reflect the growing importance of visual content. You should develop more high-quality pictures and optimize them effectively to improve your chances of appearing on the platform. According to Google, Discover content has the potential to rank well in search results because of the high quality of the content and the connection between consumer interest and the content.
  • Produce high-quality material that keeps readers engaged: As always, surfacing material in Discover relies heavily on providing high-quality content that meets your users' demands. However, quality content is only part of the equation. You will also have to work hard to get people to engage with your posts. Consider what you see on social media daily. You and your followers or your friends have controlled this through your past interactions with each other. 
  • Video: You may need to develop more videos if your target demographic and specialized preferences dictate it. Google Discover gives text-based and video-based material equal weight. A video tutorial would be preferable to a blog post. 

As you can see, hiring the SEO services of DotCreative will be a smart move because the SEO experts will make sure that all of your marketing efforts have the greatest impact possible. Therefore, you will get a boost in the Discover Feed.