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How to choose Flange Manufacturer in India

Stainless steel flanges are connecting elements mainly used in pipes and boilers. Its task is to connect and disconnect two piping system components simply at a given time without the need for destructive operations. Due to their function and utility, flanges are commonly found in many sectors and areas of construction and industry.
The metal flange is a round disc welded to the end of the pipe and allows it to be screwed into another pipe. A gasket between them connects the lips. Flanges have threaded holes and are used to create connections, tips, and gaskets. You choose these form ss 316 flanges manufacturer in India.

Austenitic stainless steel with a composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel in the form of SS 304 Flanges. This composition generally makes the flanges strong and resistant to corrosion for use in corrosive services. The leading supplier and manufacturer of SS 304 flanges in various sizes and shapes, High Tensile Fasteners manufacturers in India.
ASTM A193 B6 Bolts is a physical specification for stainless steel bolts, threaded rods, studs, and other externally threaded fasteners. SA 193 B6 Bolts are manufactured from AISI 410 stainless steel bar or forged material, heat treated, and machined to a tensile strength of not less than 110 ksi.
It contains trace amounts of silicon, phosphorus, carbon, manganese, and sulphur. Heat treatments applied to ASTM A193 B7bolts include quenching and tempering stainless steel at a minimum temperature of 593°C. The tensile strength of ASTM A193 B6 bolts can be forged and heat treated to a minimum of 110 Ksi or 760 Mpa.
Types of stainless steel flanges
When it comes to flanges, there are a variety of designs, sizes, materials, and standards. However, the most common classification is based on their design.

  • Blind flange: Round plate without a hole in the middle. They are used at the ends of pipes, valves, or pressure vessels. Allows blocking or termination of pipelines. It is suitable for all standard pipe sizes and high-pressure areas.
  • Crazy Flange or Lap Joint: If the butt end is welded to the end of the stainless steel pipe, it will continue to rotate freely. This keeps the flange joint steel out of contact with the liquid carried by the pipe. 
  • Sliding or sliding flanges - ideal for low-pressure applications. It is designed to slide from the end of the pipe to where it is welded. It represents simplified installation and financial savings.
  • Fixed flanges for welding or socket welding: used for small and high-pressure pipes. In these flanges, the pipe passes through it until it contacts the seat or plug and is welded to the flange.
  • Threaded flanges: This is a special group of flanges that can be assembled without welding. This part changes the male-toothed connection to a flange system. They are used in small and low-pressure pipes.

Stainless steel screw manufacturers in India provide all types of steel products at affordable prices.
 The choice of flanges depends on the type of project in which they will be used, a preliminary analysis of the working conditions to which the flanges will be exposed, their materials, and certificates.