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The Healer trinkets are pretty uninteresting P1.

I believe that not-to-be-missed items that are not Wow TBC gold named will vanish rapidly in subsequent expansions. Except for the maledict trinket which was not memorable for the right reasons, I'm able identify a few wotlk and cata items.

For me 2-healing NB, I just pot early to get back up to close to fully mana. I also have a shadow friend in the 2nd phase of ground, pot CD will be restored before the end of the fight should I require it. I also have runes in my bag but seldom use them, except when SHTF

This is what I do when I'm with my guild, where I have a good relationship with my fellow members. I've noticed that the bangle is great for pugs. It's great for tailswiping when the dog is slow, weaker than I am or have chaotic air phase.

The Healer trinkets are pretty uninteresting P1. I'm still using Essence of the Martyr and Rejuv Gem as my primary, only really swapping Gem out for Eye of Gruul on Mag garbage or (formerly) Blue Dragon on Nightbane. Sure there are Bangle and Warp-Scarab Brooch but neither of those is particularly impactful.

You can change them out, but you'll fall behind on expertise cap when you do so since those legs and the t5 legs do not have the 22 expertise. A majority of the pallys accept that they'll be moved around for a time.

If you're carrying all three, you can remove your pants. But, it's recommended to keep these as a piece of transition to move into the p3. It's unclear how non-humans take this. They might not have to take them off all at all.

The mace that heals "Trauma" for my resto shaman .... watching the screen turn green with millions of little healings going out .... that was the best thing I ever did.

Edit Trauma as well as the Glowing Twilight Scale .... since the healing from chain heal was considered to be a direct heal even on subsequent hops, that would cause both of the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold above things to go off in an erratic manner, and I could literally be healing 20 or 25 raid members at any given moment.