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Pass Your Roof Inspection to Sell Your Home
For future home buyers, ensuring the property they are buying is in stable and secure condition is a major priority. Not only will it be harder to get a loan approval if a home inspector finds an issue with the home they are interested in, major problems like roofing issues may make them lose interest, or come in with a much lower offer on the sale price.
The good news is, when you work with an expert roofing company, such as Gulf Coast Roof Restoration, you can reduce roof damage and add several years of life onto a roof that otherwise would need to be replaced. Gutter Replacement Near Me
What is a Roof Inspection?
A roof inspection puts just your roof in the hot seat instead of the entire home. The inspector (who should be a well-established roofing contractor in your area) will take a close look at the integrity of the roof and ceilings for signs of damage, leaking, or any other issues specific to the roof that may pose a threat to the home.
Some of these red flags might include:
Mold growth on the shingles that could point to rotting wood underneath
Incorrectly installed flashing that could lead to leaks in the roof
Missing shingles, which can indicate that the roof has sustained wind, water or age damage
Roof granules in the gutter, which can be evidence of roof materials breaking down
There’s more than one way to inspect a roof; different roof contractors use different methods to get a good look at what’s going on atop your home, including:
Visual inspection:
Some inspectors use the low-tech approach of visually assessing the roof, which involves climbing up onto the roof and inspecting the attic for signs of damage.
Infrared inspection:
In this type of inspection, the roofing inspector climbs onto the roof and uses a handheld infrared scanner to look for changes in temperature that indicate areas of damage where heat is escaping from the roof.
Drone inspection:
Helpful for hard to reach spaces, drones are sometimes used as a specialty tool for inspectors to get a close-up vantage point without having to put themselves in potential danger.
What Does a Roof Inspector Look For?
The inspector will make sure your roof is structurally sound, specifically checking for problems like leaking, missing pieces, rust, rot and sagging. They will also check to make sure any chimneys, skylights and any vented areas are properly secured, since heat loss and moisture buildup can cause structural ice damage.
Roofing inspectors will use a flashlight to check for damage from the inside out by looking at your ceilings, walls and attic to check for stains, mold, rot or any other signs of water damage.
This stage of the inspection ensures sure water isn’t hiding in nooks and crannies of an attic or crawl space that might otherwise be missed.
The nitty gritty details of your roof’s materials will be assessed, checking for problems like:
Cracked caulking
Missing, curling, or cupped shingles
Damaged flashing
Missing or damaged rubber boots and seals
Areas covered in moss or lichen
If any of the materials making up your roof appear to be compromised, you’ll need to schedule repairs as soon as possible to ensure that your roof can withstand harsh weather conditions.
Your roof inspector will check to make sure every facet of your roof was installed correctly, including shingles, flashing, vents or any other areas that could be problematic if not put in the right way. If your inspector uncovers multiple layers of shingles, low-quality materials, a damaged roof deck or improper venting, it’s a sign that some corners were cut during installation.
The inspection will overall entail a close look at:
Overall appearance of the roof from the inside and outside of the home
Condition of roofing materials, especially in relation to the roof’s age
Proper installation of flashing and material quality
Quality of installation (such as nail pattern, overhang, and shingle positioning)
Presence of high-quality roofing underlayment
Integrity of skylights, chimneys, vents, and gutters
Areas where water may collect on the roof
Affordable Roof Repair and Replacement in Houston Area
At Gulf Coast Roof Restoration we work with home and business owners to protect their property by staying on top of routine maintenance such as roof inspections and repairs. Our team has competitive pricing for quality services throughout the Greater Houston area. Hiring a roofing professional before your home inspection can help to ensure a roof that needs to be replaced can stand the test of time. Our restoration services cost a fraction of roof replacement costs and can extend the life of your roof by up to 15 years.
Roof Repair and Restoration in Houston
If you have a damaged or outdated roof on your property, our team is here to help you. We provide affordable roof repair and restoration services to help protect and elongate the lifespan of your roof. Our roof restoration and rejuvenation is a safe, easy, proven and affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.
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