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Get Your Lucratively Designed On-Demand Mechanic Service App Solution That Can Fulfill Every Need For A Mechanic Business App Model

Submitted by markluber on Sun, 05/16/2021 - 23:55

Travelling gives a great pleasure until we are stuck in the middle of the road due to a vehicle breakdown. With the rising surge in on-demand services, garage owners who have upgraded their business with on-demand mechanic app development solutions are already available to people who got stuck with a vehicle breakdown. Entrepreneurs can utilize the opportunity and start earning revenue from such customers through on-demand mechanic app scripts. You can customize your app with advanced features to grow your business and increase your customer base.
What are the key features you can integrate into your on-demand mechanic service app?
The app consists of three modules

  • Customer App
  • Mechanic service provider App
  • Admin App

Tutorial & Onboarding screens: It can provide step-step instructions to customers and service providers on the usage of the app to better understand the features of the app.
User Login: The Users of the app can log in to the app using any of their social media accounts that eliminate the tedious task of entering the app-specific detail manually every time.
Real-time tracking tool:  You can integrate Google Maps with the app that allows customers to locate the nearby service provider. The customers can live-track the location of the service provider in real-time after the booking is made to give directions to their place if required.
Cost Calculator: The cost calculator feature can automatically show the estimated cost for the type of service users wants to avail. It helps users to decide accordingly.
Search filter: The customer app can be provided with a search bar that allows customers to search for the mechanic service with different filters as per their location and their requirement.
Digital Invoice Generation: The invoice can be generated automatically and sent to the customer’s mail or contact number after the completion of the service.
Wrapping Up,
At TurnkeyTown, we proffer you a ready-to-launch on-demand mechanic app development solution that is end-end customizable to fit your business needs and requirements. Join your hands with us and boost your business profits!