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Fuze Bug great For Indoor usage & Hiking or Camping Trip

Submitted by theoaims on Sat, 07/31/2021 - 05:01

Thanks to the innovative new bug-repellent lamp from Fuze Bug though, you can forget all of your insect related woes and continue to live freely without any worries. Fuze Bug sought out to change the status quo and bring a fresh idea to the table that not only gets rid of insects in its vicinity, but also keeps your health in mind. In comes the Fuze Bug Light, which is an insect repellent and a lamp in one single product. It uses the light to its advantage and invites bugs to be zapped into oblivion. Unlike other insect zapping devices though, it runs entirely on batteries and also charges via solar power. This means that not only is it great for indoor usage, but it is also perfect for you to take out on your hiking or camping trip. What makes the Fuze Bug different from all of those other bug-repellents is the fact that it runs on solar power, is portable, can be used as a light, and has embedded sensors that make it incredibly efficient. So, you can trust it to work under the harshest of conditions and help you with getting rid of the bugs around you.