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Features of betting on rugby

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This sport is divided into three main varieties and each has its own rules and features..

When making a bet, the player must take into account that predicting odds in this sport is risky. Unlike football or hockey, there are more game situations that can bring a different number of points. At the World Cup, in a match between a top team and an outsider, the gap in the score can be 15 or 90 points. The spread is too large to choose a handicap with a good coefficient.

Betting on totals will be a more reliable choice. In a match of equal teams, at least one of the opponents scores more than 20 points. The total is usually around the 40-point mark. Such a number of points can be collected by one team that smashes an opponent with a lower class, and two teams in a hard-fought match.

1. Rugby-7. In this version, there are seven players from each team on the field. The match consists of two halves of seven minutes each.

2. Rugby League. Thirteen athletes from each team play on the field, the duration of one half is 40 minutes. A less forceful and more dynamic version of rugby.

3. Rugby Union. The classic version of the competition, where 15 athletes from each side play on the field. The duration of one half is 40 minutes.

Sometimes American football is referred to as a variety of rugby, but this is a completely different sport with its own rules, categories of statistics and game logic.

In order not to get confused in concepts and varieties, the bettor needs to know the rules before betting on rugby.

Rugby Rules

The basic rule of the game is that you cannot pass forward with your hand. The ball should be carried to the opponent's scoring zone, not thrown. The ball itself is different from football, volleyball and basketball analogues. It is a melon, so it is called by professional athletes.

The match is divided into two halves of 7 or 40 minutes. The timer is stopped if one of the players needs medical help or the referees hold a meeting on a controversial issue. During penalties and outs, the countdown continues.

The main task of the teams, as in other game sports, is to score as many points as possible.

Points are awarded for several types of effective actions:

two points are awarded for the implementation;
drop goal gives the team three points;
free kick – three points;
penalty attempt – five points;
attempt – five points.
In addition to forward passes, teams are prohibited from:

attack an opponent who is without the ball;
a player with a ball cannot attack opponents, that is, push;
playing excessively rough.
This should be taken into account when making a bet. But at the same time, customers of betting companies should familiarize themselves with the painting.

Types of bets on rugby

Betting companies that offer to make bets on rugby, give a wide list, which includes such types of bets:

the outcome is the victory of one of the teams;

handicap (or handicap) – the difference of points earned between teams;

total – the total number of points earned by teams;

accurate match score;

double chance - a victory and a draw result of the match are allowed;

the first effective action is which team will score points first;

the first 10 points are similar to the previous type of bets.

There are many types of bets, so players use strategies. They allow you to choose the amount more precisely.

Rugby Betting Strategies

Players use common strategies in betting on rugby:

total betting strategy;

catch up;

the victory of the guests.

Fixed and floating rates are common, which place the main emphasis on bank management. The player needs to make a conclusion about the viability of a particular strategy.

Where to watch live rugby broadcasts

In our betting shop, live rugby broadcasts are available to authorized customers. In the same office, there is a lot of match data in the statistics section, tournament tables of leading championships, for example, the Six Nations Cup or the European Challenge Cup. League tables can give bettors information about the current form of the team, as well as allow them to determine the chances of winning the team.


To bet on rugby, you need to analyze all aspects of the game and know the differences between the types of game. When choosing a market, you can listen to the advice of experienced cappers, but you need to make the final decision yourself.