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The packaging protects the products, enhances them, and serves as an information carrier, but its role does not stop there. It represents an important marketing lever in e-commerce.
It improves the customer experience, inspires trust, reinforces brand identity, and reflects its values. It fully contributes to consumer loyalty. It can also make satisfied buyers want to tell their friends and family about the company or on social networks.
cheap custom boxes are key to developing your business and standing out from competitors. It is the first point of physical contact between the e-merchant and consumers.
It helps to create an emotional bond, an attachment to the brand. The importance of packaging is considerable. You must pay particular attention to your packaging to transform it into an effective marketing lever.
Above all else, packaging must fulfill a functional use: to protect the product during storage and delivery. If the customer receives his order damaged, the care given to the design of the packaging will not change his dissatisfaction.
Your first mission is to ensure that your customers receive the items purchased in good condition. This implies using packaging adapted to the product. He must:
Support the weight of the product;
Be consistent with the size of the item, to better protect it and avoid additional wedging;
Correspond to the type of goods concerned. For example, additional protection for fragile items, suitable packaging for food products, etc.
Be adapted to different handling processes to avoid being damaged during transport and storage.
The parcel undergoes many manipulations between the moment it leaves your warehouse and its reception by the customer. It is shaken, moved constantly, bumps against other packages, it can also fall. He must brave the cold or the heat and bad weather. Liquids can also flow over it, for example, if a product from another, non-hermetic package breaks.
Even a priori not very fragile product can arrive damaged at the customer. He can of course request an exchange or a refund. But these are long procedures, sources of stress and annoyance. You must adapt your e-commerce packaging to best protect your goods at each stage.
Successful packaging transmits positive emotions to the buyer and gives him a good impression of the brand. The packaging can be used to reinforce your sympathy capital.
It allows you to position yourself as a company:
Of confidence;
Listening to its customers, close to them;
Presenting positive values ​​in which to identify.
The care given to the package says a lot about how you see your customers. Admittedly, putting the product in a box and shipping it might seem like enough. Many e-commerce platforms are satisfied with it. But if your goal is to score as many points as possible with your customers, that's not enough. If you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors too.
A careful marketing strategy for your e-commerce packaging shows your desire to please your customers. You appear as a closer, more sympathetic, and attentive brand.
Packaging is a communication medium and an effective means of promotion.
You have several solutions to enhance your brand image and build customer loyalty:
Customize the packaging: adhesive tape, prints, textures, materials, company logo… Make it unique!
Add a personal message: a thank you, a promotional code.
Slide a flyer to inform the customer of an upcoming event or special operation;
Opt for eco-friendly packaging to highlight your values ​​and appeal to consumers concerned about environmental issues...
Marketing and packaging are one. An e-commerce packaging personalized with your brand, for example, can already delight the customer. He hasn't unpacked his product yet, but he sees your brand and is already looking forward to discovering it.
If in addition, the packaging is neat, original, or simply beautiful, you immediately improve consumer satisfaction. Even if the packaging may seem trivial in e-commerce, it nevertheless plays a key role in the purchasing process. For example, some customers may feel proud to be seen with your packaging.
Sophisticated packaging builds customer loyalty and makes them want to recommend your brand.
The unboxing experience “, or experience of unboxing is not to be taken lightly. To understand its importance, you have to look at social networks.
Many influencers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers offer their community stories or videos dedicated to this step. In front of a camera, they open a package and share their opinion with thousands, even millions of people.
Succeeding in surprising or satisfying a customer, through the care given to your packaging, increases your popularity.
In the case of social networks, two scenarios are possible. First, the packaging is basic, without interest, it is immediately put aside. The person then focuses only on the product (perhaps also sold at your competitors).
In the second scenario, you worked on your packaging. The person is surprised and enchanted. It lingers longer on your brand and your visual presence on screen increases. The people watching this content also want to have this experience. They will favor your brand over another.
Neat, original, practical, or unique packaging can significantly improve the user experience.
Use attractive colors, visuals, and messages, in line with your brand identity. Create emotion in the customer (surprise, enthusiasm, serenity, joy, etc.). You can also add a gift to the order (bookmark, candy, sample, magnet, postcard, etc.).
A packaging agency can offer you a multitude of options to create the ideal packaging for your brand and your customers. Create custom e-commerce packaging, improve your packaging protection and unboxing experience
The importance of cheap custom boxes should not be underestimated.
It is a real marketing lever, capable of better satisfying and retaining your customers. It impacts your notoriety and allows you to obtain more positive opinions.
Creating personalized e-commerce packaging, and improving the protection of your packaging and the unboxing experience is essential to gaining popularity, distinguishing yourself from competitors, and generating more growth.