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Do All Point of Sale Systems Need Bar Code Scanners?

Bar code scanners are prominent parts of point of sale systems, but they aren’t always necessary for everyone. Your POS system may not require a scanner if you don’t plan on reviewing UPCs, card codes, or other details. But having a bar code scanner can be useful for many purposes:

  • You can use your bar code scanner to research an item’s details. You can sell how much something costs or how many items you have in stock.
  • Some scanners will link you to an online database where you can get additional specifics on something. You could even find out if other physical locations you operate have something in stock.
  • You can look up card information through a scanner if you offer gift cards or other things that use barcodes. Your scanner can review specific details on a card like how much money is on it, prior purchases a customer has made, and other factors.
  • You can also link some products to different cards or other items through a scanner. You can use a computer program that will read a barcode and another account at once. The system can pair these items together if you need to create a more consistent link between the two points you wish to manage.

A credit card processing company can provide you with a bar code scanner that can work for whatever point of sale systems you wish to operate. A scanner can link to a secure network and ensure all data stays consistent, helping you attain PCI compliance.