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Contrasting approaches to water filtration and treatment in Australia.

Water filtration and treatment systems have a very diverse range of applications in Australia. Typically, the aim of irrigation stores across Australia is to improve the quality or composition of the water for a specific use. This could relate to rainwater, wastewater, greywater, seawater, freshwater, irrigation water, water from dams and lakes or urban and rural water supplies. Clearly, the scope is broad and some water filtration and treatment uses are quite surprising.
Traditionally when we think about filtration and water treatment, we think about removing something from the water. In a domestic setting, quite a few examples of filtration and water treatment can be found where the primary goal is to remove something. Benchtop filtration systems are designed to remove contaminants such as fluoride or bacteria and aim to purify the water. Under sink filtration systems also aim to treat the water but more discretely with the filtration system installed under the sink and out of sight. Your water filtration specialist will be able to recommend the best approach for you.
 Another use of water filters in the home can be found outside near the pool. Pool filters remove unwanted particles from the water, leaving the treated water clean to sparkle in your pool. In fact, it is possible to use filtration and treatment systems to set up your whole home. With a bit of planning with your Water Filter Supplier Peats Ridge and some thoughtful filtration design, you will save a lot of water. For example, you can harvest the rain then filter and treat the water to make it safe for drinking. Even your wastewater can be filtered so that it is safe to use on the garden, or for flushing toilets. The expert at your local irrigation store will be able to help you get started.

More complex methods of water filtration and treatment are emerging as our water supply becomes more precious and we consider alternative water sources. For example, reverse osmosis is an emerging technology that is becoming more viable. Reverse osmosis systems remove salt from seawater. The potential benefits of this technology are huge. The process of reverse osmosis is likely to become a more common form of water treatment in the future.
A less considered mindset is to think of water filtration and water treatment as adding something to the water. However, this practice is surprisingly common, especially in agricultural settings. Adding something to the water also treats the water and can be a useful tool in irrigation settings. Complex irrigation systems with fertigation injection capability are used to inject fertilizers and other water-soluble products into an irrigation system. The treated water then filters through the irrigation system, delivering a very efficient and innovative method of fertilization and irrigation.
Combining water treatment and filtration approaches requires the expertise of a professional irrigation consultant. Their knowledge of filtration and water treatment products combined with their knowledge of the local area is an essential design consideration when designing a complete system. Filtration system design can be quite complex. If required, water experts from your local irrigation store can also help design a system that incorporates irrigation best practices to help you achieve maximum efficiency, no longer wasting water.
While the approaches to water filtration and treatment contrast according to need, it is clear that with advances in technology and water scarcity increasing, there is a large demand for innovative filtration and water treatment systems across all sectors.
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