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Consider the up-to-date features for OnlyFans clone app development

The concept of subscription-based social media apps empowers content creators like celebrities, models, artists, and many other professionals to showcase their skills to their followers. An app like OnlyFans, CelebVM are more popular among a wide range of internet users. Replicating this idea might lead to the success of your business. To make your app stand apart from others, you have to consider unique features to implement. Below are the top cutting-edge and premium features to consider before the OnlyFans clone app development.

Share contents on other platforms

You can let users or content creators share the contents on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is one of the effective ways to get more traffic to your app.

Live streaming

Using this feature, you can let your content creators interact with their followers on live calls. Apart from this, you can let them record the live call and post it. This feature enables content creators to have a loyal fan base.

Fans badge

Usually, celebrities profiles will be verified and given a badge in all social media apps. This helps followers to discover their favourite celebrities profile easily when they browse for. Similar to this, you can find the most-involved followers and give them a badge for congratulating them on their involvement. Additionally, you can allow them to have free sessions with their favourite celebrities.

Integrating these high tech features into the OnlyFans clone app will definitely bring a wide range of users. Launch your app right away and succeed in your business with multiple income streams.