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Commercial activity: why it is important to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces

Many merchants complain about the poor lighting near their shop: this shows how important it is in terms of safety. Visit the blog and find out more about the topic.
The lighting of a shop plays a fundamental and often decisive role in the affairs of a commercial activity. In fact, it helps guide the customer towards the purchase. It allows him to properly observe the product, as in a clothing store, or accompanies him towards an emotional state "more appropriate" to the situation, such as the soft light in a pub.
Interior lighting and exterior shop lighting are therefore important marketing levers, but they are also fundamental deterrents for shop theft . After all, what a thief fears most is being seen and what better condition to act in secret than a dark shop?
Interior lighting and shop window as a theft deterrent
Not infrequently, traders complain about the lack of lighting in the neighborhood, a situation that favors thefts in commercial activities or acts of crime and vandalism.
Recently, for example, when it opened after the lockdown, several thefts and robberies in shops were recorded in the Chicago capital, including a jewelry shop. The owner denounces the event as follows: “Here in the evening the lighting is practically absent”.
The external lighting of the shop is in fact a first fundamental deterrent against thefts and robberies. For example, low energy consumption LED lights could be installed in the shop window and on the sign.
In this way, you would have the double advantage of keeping passersby's interest in your shop and warding off thieves, who would inevitably be noticed.
Do thefts only happen at night?
However, shop thefts also happen during the day, in bright light. Often they are shoplifting by customers, while other times the trader may find himself threatened with robbery by experienced thugs.
When planning interior lighting, in fact, you must be careful not to create shadow areas, forgetting to illuminate a corner.
However, shop lighting alone is not enough to stop thieves and robbers. Adequate lighting becomes really effective in preventing an intrusion if the entire perimeter, inside and outside the store, is also monitored by surveillance cameras in Chicago. Obviously, infrared cameras with night vision. But which ones to choose and how to install them proof against theft?
Lighting against shop theft and night vision with video surveillance cameras
At night the internal lighting of the commercial activity is very poor, so it is important to install cameras or security cameras with night vision flashes.
The choice of video surveillance cameras depends on many factors. The quality of the shooting especially in dark environments, the availability of an App to view the images remotely, the connection to a complete alarm kit and the connection to an Operations Center or Surveillance Institute.
The Getstealth cameras, for example, are part of a complete alarm system connected to the 24-hour Getstealth Operations Center. The Getstealth Operations Center is monitored by Special Security Guards who check every alarm trigger within 60 '' and can intervene directly in the shop in 45 '' with Zero Vision.
The security guards verify the video of the shop in a few seconds and activate Zero Vision, the smoke bomb that fills the protected environment with a dense smoke in 45 '', immediately putting the thieves to flight. In the meantime, the police are notified and the guards are sent to the place.
And in case of robbery or kidnapping?
Furthermore, Getstealth, to better protect traders in the event of a robbery, provides them with an anti-theft button that sends a request for immediate intervention to the Operations Center.
As far as installation is concerned, attention must be paid to the provisions of the European standard for EN 50131 burglar alarm systems. In fact, to install a video surveillance system, a technical inspection carried out by a Certified Installer is required.
The inspection by a Security Expert is used to identify the safety level of the commercial activity and the neighborhood in which it is located, weak accesses and blind areas.
In this way, the Security Expert is able to design a system tailored to the specific security needs of the customer and his shop.
Getstealth offers the inspection with its Certified Security Experts free of charge and without obligation.
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