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Classic teacher's birthday gifts

1. The book, it seems to many that teachers have long been tired of such surprises, however, for a person who really loves to read, it will always be nice to receive a new copy that has not yet been studied.
2. A wireless mouse in the office and a keyboard, especially if the old ones are worn out and need to be replaced.
3. Outdoor flower, it can be placed both in the office and at home. Here she herself will decide where she wants to see your gifts for new male teachers.
4. Handmade tablecloth, it can be used not only for setting the festive table, but also in everyday life.
5. Beautiful decorative box for storing jewelry or any other little things.
6. An electronic photo frame, it can hold a fairly large number of pictures at once, which will constantly change.
7. A certificate to a store, now you can buy similar cards in almost any place, for example: perfumes, decorative cosmetics, household chemicals, dishes, appliances, needlework, clothes, and the like.