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Build a striking app like instagram by utilizing instagram clone

Instagram has become a widely popular photo-sharing app and social network since its inception. In recent days, it is outpacing Facebook in terms of the number of users. Currently, it has achieved over 1 billion monthly users across the globe. What makes Instagram a massive hit among its active users around the world? There are a lot of reasons for the rising trend of Instagram users. Though one reason is obvious. It is a huge hit among the youngsters who are crazy about posing photos and uploading stories on social media. The trend has gone viral, that even users from the older generations have joined the queue. On the flip side, people love capturing their moments using social media apps. Features like different types of effects, photo edits, and the recording reel videos made users sing the praises with these apps.

As technology is evolving and numerous app solutions are witnessing enormous growth, many apps are trying to be a proxy for Instagram seeing its popularity. This is, in turn, having a cut-throat competion in the app market. Catering to this rising demand, Appkodes is providing these entrepreneurs with an excellent chance to stand out from the crowd with a feature-packed Instagram app development. Yes, you heard right! Appkodes has now come up with an amazing solution that helps you to develop an impeccable social media app. Appkodes Pixapop is a comprehensive Instagram clone that is pre-built with exorbitant features like option for viewing the newsfeed of the users you follow, option for uploading photos/videos, option for liking, commenting, and sharing photos, and many more. Therefore, build a dream social media app for your business by utilizing our meticulously crafted instagram clone.