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Anti Static Bag

Find The Ideal Collection Of ESD Protection Products Online
Your workplace will combine a number of different elements. If any of the departments across your company is affected by static and ESD (electrostatic discharge) you will need to find products that protect your assets. Anti Static Bag
At Anti-Static ESD we are a leading online store with our abundance of ESD protection products for you to buy as a one-off investment or regular purchases.
The main assets of any business impacted by ESD will be:
Your staff and their safety
Your electronics and their lifespan
Your company’s ability to work efficiently each day
To support the needs of companies across the UK, our store at Anti-Static ESD have an array of products that can help you achieve a number of benefits.
What ESD protection products can you find on our online store?
Furniture: We have workbenches and worktops that are ESD protected for your business. Ideal for any electronic department or an IT repair shop.
Clothing: It’s vital that your staff are protected as best as they can from the ESD. We have a number of ESD clothing and garments which will dispel any ESD present in your workplace safely.
Testing: The levels of discharge across your workplace will change and fluctuate during the day. Our ESD testing equipment is ideal to stay on top of these changes.
To discover more about the ESD protection products that we have available online, get in contact with us today.
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