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Anime sex doll can't tell the difference? Chunshuitang wants to create a "baby world millet"

Since a few years ago, anime sex doll has come into people's field of vision more and more.
When it comes to the specific uses of love dolls, it can be said that there are different things: some people regard it as a sex toy, some people regard it as a large figure, some people use it as a model for photography, some people regard it as a His lover, and some even held a wedding with the love doll. With the continuous development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice interaction, visual recognition, and bionic robots, anime love doll has also been given richer uses, and has gradually expanded to wax museums, exhibition halls, medical schools, laboratories, and shopping malls. , hotels, photo studios and more and more application scenarios.

The fake male sex doll market
Uncle Chun revealed that in the current male sex doll market, "copycat sex dolls" made of cheap TPE materials mixed with mineral oil account for about 98% of the market share. But strictly speaking, this kind of TPE doll cannot be called a love doll. Only a sex doll made of expensive liquid silicone material can be called a silicone doll.

"Many consumers think they are buying realistic sex dolls, but they are not. Some honest merchants will tell consumers that they are TPE dolls, and some merchants will not tell you what materials they are, so many people just buy fake dolls. version of the doll." Uncle Chun pointed out that in 2020, many media have reported on the "silicone doll experience halls" emerging all over the country, but in fact these experience halls use about two or three thousand TPE dolls. No experience hall would be willing to spend 10,000 to 20,000 yuan to buy real silicone dolls for customers to experience.

Seeing the truth: how to identify TPE flat chested sex doll
Why do some businesses know that they are selling flat chested sex doll, but they are reluctant to tell consumers the truth? The reason is actually quite simple: Compared to real silicone dolls, TPE dolls, while cheaper, have a surprising number of drawbacks.

"The shortcomings of TPE dolls are very obvious. The most prominent one is 'ugly oil, smelly and poisonous cracks', which is why no merchants advertise that they are selling TPE dolls." Uncle Chun pointed out that consumers must pay attention when buying big booty sex dolls Looking at the nine key points, this is also the most obvious difference between TPE and silicone dolls.
At the same time, I hope everyone can have a good sex experience.