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Amazon clone - Considerable features of an e-commerce app

Out of many business ideas, an e-commerce marketplace for a business is undoubtedly the best one. The immense success of an e-commerce service provider like Amazon motivates many entrepreneurs to set foot into the e-commerce industry with the Amazon clone app.

While developing an e-commerce app like Amazon, you have to consider the following essential features as they should not be opted-out in your app.

Admin panel

The Dashboard feature in the admin panel will allow you to manage the activities of the user and the vendor with ease.
Using the User & Vendor Management feature, you can manage the user and vendor accounts like editing, deleting, or deactivating.
You can check the order status with the Tracking Orders feature. It includes all the newly placed orders and orders that were already delivered.

User panel

The Multiple Registration feature will facilitate the users to sign up with the Amazon clone app through social media platforms like Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Also, users can manually register with the app using their mobile number and email address.

Using the Search & Filter feature, users can search/browse for any products based on their preferences like price, colour, size, brand, etc.
Upon confirming the order request, the users pay via debit/credit card, net banking, PayPal, or other available payment gateways. They can even prefer the Cash on delivery option.

Vendor panel

The Store profile feature in the vendor panel will enable the vendors to manage their store’s information such as products, revenue, and much more.
Using the Manage orders feature, the vendor can view and manage all the orders hassle-free.

Upon incorporating these features in the Amazon clone app, add the additional features that suit your business needs.