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All you have to know for developing a video sharing app like TikTok

Be it video sharing or photo editing; social media apps have gained more popularity recently by all age groups. There is no doubt that the reach of social media apps like TikTok had millions of active users during the pandemic. From the user's side, it is easy to use this app with many impressive features. This app is an inspiration for what budding entrepreneurs can do with a simple idea. You cannot predict which features will excite the users to prefer your app until you implement it. However, considering the already existing app ideas, you can develop an app like TikTok with the clone solution and include advanced features according to your business ideas. This makes your brand more popular soon among target audiences.

Simply, don't take this simple. TikTok creators have made the app user-friendly. It is not necessary to sign up with the app to access videos that have been uploaded. People can register with the app when they want to access more features. The main reason for this app's popularity is AI, which knows exactly what an individual likes to watch. Some of the popular features are Video scroll, Like/comment/share, Re-watch liked videos, Video editor, Audio catalog, and Hashtag discovery.

Majorly, you can prefer any of the three options to develop an app like TikTok: A white label solution, a ready-made custom solution, and a custom-built solution.

1.White-label solution

Suppose you are in a hurry to launch the TikTok clone app; you can prefer the white label solution as it is fully ready to use, which only requires a bit of tweaking. This method is the cheapest way to start your social video-sharing app business.

2.Custom ready-made solution

It is the most demanded solution. The ready-made solution would be completely customized depending on your business needs. Any features can be included or deleted. This model doesn't take much time to launch.

3.Custom-built solution

This model is time and cost-consuming. You can prefer this model when you want to grow your business exponentially. It is a fully customizable built solution from scratch.


This could be a suitable time to start a business that occupies the digital space. While developing an app like tiktok clone is easy, making it successful depends on a stern entrepreneurial mindset.Talking about social media apps, freshness in your app will draw more target audiences. The success of your app in the competitive market relies on a mobile app development service you choose.