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7 Core Features To Include For A Successful WhatsApp Clone App

In the technology-driven digital world, there is a need for instant messaging apps to communicate with each other. WhatsApp is one such real-time messaging app that connects people in distant places. Following its success, many business owners showed interest in deploying the messaging apps. Those who want to launch their app can leverage a WhatsApp Clone app with a plethora of features incorporated. Let’s discuss some predominant features to be considered during WhatsApp like app development.

Vital Features Of A WhatsApp Clone App:

Share Files

It will facilitate the users to share files, including photos, videos, documents, contacts, and others within the app when they have a stable internet connection. They either have an option to send photos from the gallery or take pictures instantly with the built-in camera.

Voice & Video Calls

Individuals can make voice/video calls with their friends. The WhatsApp Cloneapp also supports group video calls with a maximum of 8 members at the same time. This works well when your device is connected to a stable internet.

Profile Creation & Update

Upon installing the app, users can create their profiles by specifying the profile name and about (bio). Also, they can set a profile picture. After the creation of a profile, they can modify it whenever they want.

Last Seen

When the users are active, an app like WhatsApp will display the “Online” status. If they are away, the app will display the last seen when they were last available. The users were able to hide the last seen if they wished by changing the setting.

Create Group

The users will be able to create and join groups and then send messages that the group members can view. Not only messages, but they can also send gifs, emojis, and stickers.

Mute Conversations

This is quite an unavoidable feature for messaging apps. When receiving messages, the app will notify users. This may sound irritating for a few. Using this, they can mute the conversations and so they can continue with their tasks without any interruptions.

No Text Limit

There is no limit to sending messages as the users can unlimited messages to anyone whenever they want. It sounds great! Right? Such a kind of feature should not be omitted during WhatsApp like app development.

Final Say,

In this informative blog, we have covered almost every important feature to be included in the WhatsApp Clone app. Besides this, you ought to consider including new features for better functionality. This is how you can distinguish your app from other instant messaging apps.