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6 Dumbest Zodiac Signs In Astrology

Submitted by astroved on Sun, 09/26/2021 - 23:59

Sometimes, our strengths and powers may become our weaknesses if we do not use them wisely. Each of the 12 zodiac signs have their own strengths, which becomes their weakness and make them foolish because of their incapacity to channel them constructively. Here are 6 dumbest zodiac signs according to Vedic Astrology.


Leo sign natives are very egoistic, demand attention, and always try to dominate others. They would be obsessed with power and authority that sometimes makes them look over-dominant and unethical. To be the center of attention, they may involve in many illogical and foolish actions, which may end up useless and may not fetch the desired outcome. Their selfish nature can block their minds and fuels up the ego that could lead to dumber decisions. Since fire is the element for this zodiac sign, their confidence and aggressive nature can influence people. If they make use of this wisely in their actions and shed their ego and domination, people will follow and treat them as leaders.


Sagittarians are self-intelligent, but sometimes this trait can become their flaw too. They could be obsessed with their own feelings and live in an imaginary world that they fail to understand the reality. They may not be able to expect what is going to happen in future. Their illusion will make them blind in making practical decisions and when reality hits them, they find it hard to cope-up with. Hence, they will not be able to handle any adverse circumstances. If they adopt a practical approach, then their lives can be hopeful and happy.


Libra natives do not commit mistakes often but their timid nature, lack of courage and passion can make things difficult for them. Their moralistic vision can blind their minds and fail them in getting a long perspective of life. They may not be able to take things immediately with urgency due to fright or guilt. Sometimes they need to cut loose if they cannot be imperfect in certain situations.


Cancer natives are very emotional and excessively sensitive people; hence, they could take every little thing personally. They may think too much and this could be one of the main reasons for their indecisive nature. Their emotional personality can blur their vision and cause confusion. This also affects the execution of their ideas and decision making skills. As water is the element for your zodiac sign, emotions could be your plus as well as minus. If you try to control emotional outburst, then it could turn into your asset. When it comes to dealing with people emotionally, then you are the winners.


True to the symbol of their zodiac sign, bull, Taurus natives are very headstrong and stubborn and fail to listen to others’ opinions or suggestions. They may involve in irrelevant and useless activities even if they know the outcome making them dumber. They live in imagination and will not think beyond their perspective. They could appear uncompassionate and insensitive towards others’ feelings. However, once they trust people they would give their whole world to them. Their obsession can sometimes turn into madness when it comes to reality. Keeping away their childish and irrational behavior can help them judge situations and people successfully.


Aries people are both sensitive and aggressive; this nature can make it difficult for them to deal with serious situations. They may not be able to understand the seriousness of the circumstances. This could make them unreliable when it comes to responsible tasks. If they can control your fragile and sensitive nature, then they can be the hero. As fire is their sign’s element, aggression is natural; if they tune it towards right things, and then success comes their way.

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