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5 Best Ways NFT Marketplaces Generates Revenue

NFT marketplaces make money in many ways. Different marketplaces have different strategies to make money. Here are some of the mentionable ways of making money from NFT marketplaces that the most popular marketplaces follow.

Transaction Fees

All the NFT marketplaces earn revenue from transaction fees.

Most marketplaces charge buyers. This is the primary earning way of NFT marketplaces.

They charge 2 to 5 percent per transaction. For example, OpenSea charges 2.5 percent of buying fees as transaction fees.

Listing Fees

Artists have to pay Gas fees along with a transaction for minting NFT. This is the way marketplace owners earn money from artists. Most NFT platforms charge for listing, minting, or removing NFT from the list.

Gas fees depend on the demand and time of the transaction in the blockchain. You can check the latest Gas fees of Etherium blockchain from Etherscan.


Many marketplaces earn money from Royalties. The original artist gets a percentage when secondary buyers resale their NFTs. And marketplaces also get a portion of the profit from the sale. Mintable and Nifty Gateway are some of the marketplaces.


Some marketplaces get commissions from sellers. SuperRare is such a website to collect commissions for earning. They take 15 percent from sellers from the first sale, but from the secondary sale, they give the original artist 10 percent and 90 percent to resellers.

Handling Profile

Most of the creators focus on their arts, music, or video. Therefore, they do not want the hassle of managing the NFT business. That is why they depend on featureful marketplaces to ease technical work.

These marketplaces do marketing for NFTs and take a significant sale percentage.

So, NFT marketplaces make money primarily by transaction fees, royalties, and commission fees. Every NFT market has its own policies for business.

Check the terms, conditions, and Policies to understand better how NFT marketplaces make money by creating a platform for buying, selling, and minting digital assets.

Source: bdtask

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