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A 40-year-old woman should stop wearing a coat with leggings

Submitted by blueandred on Tue, 11/09/2021 - 23:31

Women in their forties may look for convenience by pairing leggings in a variety of colors with a long coat, but these pants are poorly worn and sometimes made of poor material. Switch to these three items for a stylish, slimming look.
Long coat + wide leg pants
The coat of long paragraph design, it is to model the excellent sheet that gives qiu dong to wear to build article, it can bring the promotion effect to temperament, also can use to foster strong points and avoid short points to the female. When collocation, can use leggings less to be united in wedlock with it, wear trousers of broad leg, have oneself one time natural and unrestrained scenery.
Wide-leg trousers can be given priority to with the fabric of cowboy, this kind of trousers outfit wears more free and easy, taking a bit unruly feeling again. Loose legs can be slouched and slightly longer for a freer atmosphere. Denim wide-leg trousers, like blue, will easily match any dark coat, gray or black.
Wide-leg trousers in the appearance, can be integrated into more novel elements, such as not satisfied with the monotony of pure color single goods, can use the elements of lattice support, to create a more design sense of the picture.
Nevertheless, the choice of trouser outfit also has pay attention to, this is because although wide leg pants has the effect of modification to leg model, but the application of color can still be linked with the presentation of fashionable feeling. These plaid wide-leg pants, with earth color padding, can be paired with a long black coat, if replaced by red, yellow and other coats, will look particularly out of place.
Long coat + straight pants
The selection mode of long coat is not monotonous, but also can evolve directly from the bottom, with wide-leg pants, the atmosphere is more loose, there is a sense of forthright, combined with straight leg pants, more agile leg lines, both have the role of modification and tolerance of leg type.
Like this straight-leg trouser, it's also dark in color, which can be used to combine with a plaid overcoat. This kind of matching between simple and simple can help the look present a higher sense of funkiness. The downward line can be used to lengthen and straighten the leg shape, giving you a better proportion.
Many women will feel that the long coat is not strong enough to show their height, but also because of their petite stature, wearing this dress is more short. At this time, they can open the long coat, borrow straight pants with nine-point style, exposing their ankles, to shape the high effect. With a straight bottom, the coat unraveled to the sides to reveal the waistline and trousers without worrying about looking fat.
For example, this long coat with simple and atmospheric color basis combines dark blue nine-quarter pants. If you worry about exposing your ankles, you can use ankle boots to cover the exposed skin, but the lines displayed still have a longitudinal extension effect.
Long coat + skirt
No matter how the temperature changes, it will not affect a woman's decision to wear a dress, in fact, as long as the basic work of warmth is done well, skirts can create both elegant and warm wear. The matching between the long coat and the skirt can transfer the thermal effect to the coat.
The coat falls directly over the ankle, giving it a smooth, elegant feel. Try to match the colors a little more harmoniously by matching the pieces with the dress's color. The lace skirt has exquisite beauty and its silhouette is not too long. Try to cooperate of leggings, give priority to with low-key black, what can avoid skin is bare.
Winter is the most easy to wear because of improper matching between the clothes, and produce a bloated sense of sight, the use of long coat and skirt between the pair, there is no need to consider such a problem.
The combination between them can break the heavy feeling at once. There are a lot of skirt colors, but be sure to make a purposeful choice according to the color of the coat. If the coat color is very inclusive, the choice is white and other common colors, then the dress color can be plain, can also be a little colorful.
A lot of dress have the female of tide fan very much, won't wrap up leg ministry skin completely, a little bare come out so section, can be in when still did not enter winter, use such tie-in means, what can reveal bodily form more is lightsome with figure fine. Choose long coat and skirt hem can form flat, this is to let the leg skin to show.
Like this wear build, still used boots to undertake leg model cover, the length of skirt will not drag, just boots can also be used to make up for the shortage of skirt too short, present a super modern style.
However, the vast majority of women still do not want to show their legs in autumn and winter, they prefer to use skirts or stockings, leggings to cover their legs. Even if leggings are slim, the silhouette of a knee-length skirt can be borrowed to cover the thickest legs. This one wears build, mature female can draw lessons from completely.
The coat of the coat and the clothing inside have the coordination between the colors, the addition of blue half skirt, let a person shine at the moment, but not too publicity, showing a kind of elegant and simple keynote.Read more at: formal gowns adelaide | red formal dresses australia