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How to Choose the Best Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is the pressure that blood puts against the walls of arteries and it typically increases and decreases throughout the day. When your blood’s power pushing through your veins is regularly too high, you have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

A normal blood pressure reading must be between 140/90 and if in case someone is diagnosed with diabetes, kidney or circulatory disease, it should be lower than 130/80 ideally. If you want to get an idea about if you have a normal pressure or not and that too from the comfort of your home, buying a blood pressure monitor is the best option.

Choose the Right Type of Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure devices are classified into two types: manual blood pressure monitors and digital blood pressure monitor.

Manual monitors require the use of a stethoscope and physical inflating of the cuff, whereas digital blood pressure monitors use sensors and inflate the cuff automatically. Although digital monitors are more convenient and user-friendly, manual monitors can be more accurate when used properly.

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