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How to Care For Your Urn

Submitted by urnsuk on Fri, 04/14/2023 - 02:51

The death of a loved one is a tough time for families and friends. It can be hard to think about anything other than the loss and grief, but things still need to be done after your loved one has passed away. Most importantly, you will need to take care of their ashes. A funeral home may offer this service for free or for a small fee, though some people prefer to do it at home with an urn they've purchased online or elsewhere. In either case, it's essential to understand how best to care for your loved one's remains so they can rest in peace forever!


Ventilation is the process of introducing fresh air into an enclosed space. This can be done through natural or mechanical means, such as an open window or an electric fan. Ventilating your urn will help prevent condensation from forming on its surface, which may cause damage to the interior of your cremation container over time.

Benefits of Ventilating Your Urn:

Reduces risk of mould growth and mildew formation

Prevents damage caused by moisture buildup in crevices and seams of materials used to make your urn (such as glass)


Keep the urn out of direct sunlight.

Avoid placing the urn in areas prone to extreme temperatures and humidity fluctuations, such as near heating vents or air conditioners.

Don't place the ashes on a mantle or shelf where they could fall off and break; instead, place them on a table or stand at eye level so you can see them easily when visiting your loved one's final resting place.

Keep pets away from the ashes because they may knock over an unattended bowl of cremated remains if left too close to their food bowl (this is especially important if you have cats).

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