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Can Ashes Be Buried in a Casket With Body?

Submitted by urnsuk on Thu, 05/25/2023 - 22:42

While most people understand that cremations are not the same as burials, many questions remain concerning what happens during the cremation. It's natural for mourners to question the cremation procedure because it typically occurs out of sight. Over time, numerous mythologies have developed to explain these phenomena. These beliefs have some truth, but the reality is far different from what most people think. Compared to the many other options for burial caskets for ashes, what use does this one serves after cremation?

Where does the body go during cremation?

Let's begin by discussing the cremation procedure. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the process and what happens precisely because individuals rarely witness it for themselves. Even though cremation is chosen by more than half of people nowadays, few are familiar with the process. There are essentially six stages:


Before the cremation can begin, the body must be identified. Although the specifics vary by state, the process typically involves attaching a metal ID tag to the individual's person.


The crematorium then requests permission to continue. Again, the regulations are different in each state. At this time, relatives also select a coffin or other receptacle for the body and arrange for its removal.

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