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Sanghvi & Sons

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Sanghvi & Sons, a diamond manufacturing company, has facilitated the diamond industry by selling diamonds and serving as the best place to buy diamonds online in India, USA, Dubai, Belgium, and Hong Kong. By providing a space to buy natural diamonds in India, we ensure you can buy real diamonds online as well. As the leading diamond export company in India, Sanghvi & Sons has been known for its consistency, innovation, and tenacity. Even with the breakthrough, for many years, our customers' confidence and support propelled us to rank among the best diamond manufacturer in India. We have never wavered in our dedication to Style, Eminence, Assurance, and Value. We understand your priorities in buying diamonds which is why we are committed to providing a top-notch quality place to shop loose diamonds. Our years of experience have given us a great responsibility to our customers and we strive to help them buy real diamonds online. That’s why the business is currently India's largest diamond exporter.
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